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Visionary, meticulous and an excellent leader

Find out more about Roderick Sansregret, Co-Founder and investing COO of Wings, for whom redefining real estate spaces is a true passion.

Roderick Sansregret

Co-founder and COO
  • 450-651-4000
  • 1660, Tremblay Road, Longueuil, QC, J4N 1E1

As co-founder and COO, Roderick rigorously orchestrates everything that goes into developing a real estate project. His Cartesian mind and organizational skills enable him to bring the most ambitious projects to fruition. His calm, thoughtful temperament inspires confidence, which he renews at every stage of the project, demonstrating his strengths as a visionary. He systematically puts in place the resources needed to optimize both time and money.

His attention to detail is matched only by his social skills; his leadership and generosity have enabled him to build up an impressive network of contacts among the elite of professionals in all fields.

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