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Achieving the highest returns on real estate investment by staying one step ahead through boldness and character.

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Wings is an investment company offering a wide range of services for the purchase, development, management and sale of real estate projects in the Greater Montreal area.

Co-founders Maxime Bédard and Roderick Sansregrets have the experience, qualifications and skills to take your investment project from start to finish. Find out more about them in the About us section.

We work hard to uncover an opportunity that has the potential for a return, and implement a careful strategy with the help of our business partners.

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    Trusted relationships with local companies.

    We are privileged to work everyday with a team of seasoned professionals in many fields to ensure exceptional service to our customers.

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    Marc Fisher

    Marc Fisher

    Author of the best selling book: "LE MILLIONNAIRE"
    "There are often serendipitous events in life, which are opportunities for happiness...and wealth! Wealth being for me a passport to true and beautiful freedom, rather than a license to buy 20 Ferraris and put three inches of butter on my only morning toast, or give me the miraculous and useless chance to wear three pairs of shoes at a time, Louboutin or not! One such serendipity was the meeting of Maxime Bédard and his incredible team: Wings. Wings, everyone knows what wings are. I quickly realized that this project will give...wings to any real estate investor (beginner or experienced) who wants to...fly towards financial independence. The team is hyper-dynamic, its methods rigorous from an accounting and legal point of view, and its creativity breathtaking, which is ABSOLUTELY necessary to make the most of a crazy, hyper-competitive market...and yet full of lucrative opportunities . It's often said -- and rightly so -- that the best time to start building your wealth is NOW. So don't wait! Take flight with...WINGS!"
    Gabriel Laflamme
    Maxime is a true real estate professional and a person you can trust. Not only is he passionate about his many projects, which he brings to fruition, but he also has an eye for a job well done. I sold him an 8-unit apartment block a few years ago and witnessed the building's transformation in just a few months. The building went from a problem building in need of a lot of love to a fully optimized new-build, a real WOW project all round. A rigorous businessman and a good human being.

    Gabriel Laflamme

    Real Estate Broker
    David Gans
    During our discussions together, Maxime and his team demonstrated their ability to transform and reposition dilapidated buildings, producing quality showcases. We look forward to doing business with Maxime and his team in the future as they continue to grow their portfolio.

    David Gans

    Westmount Capital Corporation
    Investing with Wings means entering the highest sphere of real estate investment. Always on the lookout for the best returns, this solid team's primary objective is to put its high level of expertise to work for the benefit of both financial enrichment and human relationship development, where true wealth is established. Wings is the place where the definition of investment nobility comes into its own.

    Sebastien Amyot

    Real Estate Broker
    My team and I have had the chance to work with Maxime and Roderick on a number of projects, and we've been pleasantly surprised all round. The sharp expertise of their analysis, organization and rigor. They always push harder to get better results. I'm sure we'll have the chance to work together on bigger and bigger projects, which shows your loyalty, and we appreciate it.

    Mathias Hachey

    Commercial Mortgage Broker
    Marc-André Bellemare
    It's been a pleasure to work with Wings over the past few years, a team of creative people with a passion for real estate!

    Marc-André Bellemare

    President of Malco Electric
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    Redefining real estate spaces and creating innovative, unique and highly coveted living spaces, and achieving the highest returns on real estate investment by staying one step ahead through boldness and character.

    Longueuil, QC, J4N 1E1